Streaming offerings are more relevant than ever ‒ yet complex and expensive to operate

Technical issues such as stream interruptions or re-buffering lead to frustration among your users and poor ratings for your apps. This causes high development and support efforts, while at the same time the regular operating costs continuously grow due to ever-increasing usage.

"With, we provide you with bespoke data analytics for operating a sophisticated, excellent, energy-efficient and economic streaming service."

Control Room

Software as a service

We take care of the reliable operation of – this takes the burden off you and your technical team.

Fitted to your needs

We tailor the service to your specific needs, so that you can simply integrate our solution in your existing system environment.

GDPR by design was built with European and national data privacy policies in mind – no need to worry for you and no annoying opt-ins for your users.

Modular and economic

You just pay for the volume and features you use. can be expanded at any time according to your needs.

Scalable is highly scalable and fail-proof, even during big events and in times of peak usage for your services.

Easy to integrate everywhere supports all common platforms – it is easy to integrate and reliable in mass operation.


Choose the functionality that fits your needs

This is just a brief selection of possible use cases we will support in the future. Talk to us about what you are looking for.



Using multiple CDN providers can substantially lower your distribution cost.

We provide real-time data via an API for controlling a reliable Multi-CDN delivery.


Quality of Service

Detect and avoid streaming issues for your service - ensuring user satisfaction.

We recognize technical issue automatically and notify you in case if faulty delivery.



Optimize your business processes and make well-informed decisions.

We supply you with tailored and pre-analysed fundamental data.

We are continuously working on new features: Talk to us about the possibilities of real-time audience measurement for your TV service via HbbTV.

We support you in becoming a company that is truly data-driven

1Establishing a common SaaS data platform for you

To build your data foundation, we operate the service on your behalf and support you integrating it into the many different platforms we support. That is the basis for any feature you might select to use now or later.

Jointly, we define tailored APIs and dashboards for you, so you can get the most out of our product with minimum effort.

With you can rely on a competent and experienced partner who will support you during every development step of your future data strategy. We keep extending our product and feature portfolio each day.

Custom-made interfaces

Jointly agreed and tailored APIs let you integrate our service seamlessly into your existing workflow, so you can steer your processes immediately.

Our APIs provide anything from real-time analytics to long-term aggregated summaries - whatever you need for the specific case.

  • Multi-CDN control
  • Integration into your existing Business Intelligence solution
  • Steering your media encoding workflows
  • Solutions for your individual applications …

Interactive dashboards

With our dashboards you always keep an overview, while your tech staff can directly deep dive into the data.

Our dashboards provide the answers to the most pressing questions and challenges.

  • Precise user figures
  • Detailed error analytics
  • Filter according to device types/platforms
  • Geographical analysis
  • Breakdown according to user's ISP
  • Countless more metrics and features …

Notifications and reports

According to your specific needs, we can alert you in real-time when certain thresholds are passed. In addition, you can subscribe to periodic reports. We are also working on AI-assisted anomaly detection, so you will not need to manually predefine all potential cases anymore.

  • Email
  • Generation of tickets
  • Notifications in Microsoft Teams
  • RSS feeds
  • Talk to us about your needs …

The heads behind

Motivated and always eager to learn something new.


Ralf Neudel

Co-founder and CEO


Sebastian Siepe

Co-Founder and CTO



We are hiring!


We are fascinated by all the possibilities when the media industry becomes truly data-driven.

We have 10+ years of professional experience in the field of media innovation and gathered 5+ years of practical knowledge in building and running a highly scalable data service for leading broadcasters. The team behind combines a deep understanding of broadcasters' needs with technical expertise and hands-on operational knowledge. This is why our analytics service is GDPR-by-design and goes far beyond providing yet another dashboard.

As your trustworthy partner, we deliver a data service tailored to your actual needs, providing bespoke insights, with which you can instantly work and profit from day one.


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