EINBLIQ.IO for OTT providers

Impactful streaming

Streaming at scale poses a variety of technical and commercial challenges. Identifying and fixing issues absorbs substantial resources. Operational costs can threaten profitability. Rather than flooding you with data, we go the extra mile and directly pinpoint you to where you can improve

Your challenges

Reliable content delivery

  • Ensuring excellent experience for every single user
  • Technical issues (stream interruptions, re-buffering) that are difficult to identify
  • Lock-in with CDN provider

Streaming is the new television

  • Complex distribution infrastructures with higher marginal cost compared to broadcast
  • Fierce competition in the streaming market
  • Pressure to innovate blocks resources

Sustainable video streaming

  • Increasing energy consumption to deliver streaming services
  • Growing awareness for sustainability
  • Reporting obligations

Daily struggles

  • Ever-increasing complexity of processes, workflows and IT tools
  • Manual processes absorb resources
  • dashboard fatigue
  • Lack of skilled resources to detect and fix issues
  • Cost pressure

How EINBLIQ.IO helps

Understand your content delivery

  • Reach a new level of transparency on user experience, cost and energy consumption of your content distribution
  • Actionable and pre-filtered insights that pinpoint exactly at what needs your attention
  • Solution-oriented notifications
  • Real-time and long-term quality assurance
  • Support your CSR reporting


Optimize your content delivery

  • Free your experts from tedious investigative and bug-fixing tasks
  • Leverage our concrete recommended actions with minimum effort to improve your users’ experience
  • Take strategic decision to save cost and energy – all based on reliable and resilient data
  • Keep track of your success


Automate your content delivery

  • Automated streaming delivery optimized for each individual user
  • Enable Multi-CDN scenerios driven by real-time quality, cost and energy metrics
  • Save time and costs by making your processes lean and reliable with minimal manual interactions