EINBLIQ.IO for TV broadcasters

Know your linear audiences

Your linear TV audiences are huge yet little explored. Panel-based audience data does provide valuable data – however, by nature, it is delayed and lacks details. EINBLIQ.IO lets broadcasters understand linear audience behaviour down to the local level and enables actions such as banner triggering in real-time.

Your challenges

Understand your linear audience

  • Getting up to speed in fine-grained audience research for linear audiences
  • Understanding local and regional cohorts better

Act in real-time

  • Real-time audience behaviour during live program
  • Autoamtically trigger personalised banners based on real-time behaviour

Reduce viever churn

  • Supporting continue watching for linear TV
  • Promote OTT content when audience numbers are suddenly dropping

Leverage new TV tech

  • HbbTV and ATSC 3.0 enable a next level of convergance -also in audience research

How EINBLIQ.IO helps

Real-time audience figures

  • Monitoring of audience numbers during live events and shows enables on-the-spot action
  • Automate banner playout driven by live data