Streaming analytics and automation

Elevate your streaming

The EINBLIQ.IO streaming analytics and automation platform enables content providers to offer their audience the best possible experience.

Key benefits for your streaming service

Best user experience

  • Monitoring and controlling each stream to ensure best-of-class experience
  • Automated issue detection
  • Provision of recommend actions

Reduced operational costs

  • Use more economic caching capacity fully quality monitored
  • Automated issue detection
  • Linking support requests to technical incident data

Improved energy efficiency

  • Detailed measurement and modelling of energy consumption for each streaming session
  • Data-driven optimisation such as multi-codec introduction

Time to focus on product

  • Free up time of your tech team with less bug-fixing work
  • Data scientists and video engineers can work on product innovation
  • Ensure great product experience across devices and platforms

Features at a glance

ML-based quality monitoring

  • Automated issue and anomaly detection
  • No difficult threshold/alert definition required
  • Clear recommended actions provided
  • Act before issues affect more users

Content steering

  • Standardized approach to steer streaming clients to best server in real-time
  • Next-generation Multi-CDN aware of individual quality, cost and energy use
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Targeted dashboard & alerts

  • Dashboards for research and deep dives
  • Pre-filtered dashboards for identified issues
  • Alerting tailored to demand and integrated in existing company messaging chain (Slack, Teams)
EINBLIQ.IO Slack notification

Slack notification for detected streaming issue on specific device with specific codec.

EINBLIQ.IO - CDN-Load-Balancer