Next generation
streaming and
broadcast analytics

Optimized video streaming. Green. Efficient. Reliable.




We offer solutions for

OTT providers

  • Advanced real-time monitoring
  • Automated issue resolution
  • Data-based decision making

TV broadcasters

  • Measurement of linear TV viewing behaviour
  • In-depth geographical insights
  • Details on used TV devices and distribution means

The EINBLIQ.IO streaming
analytics platform

We provide real-time data and enable our customers to optimize their streaming services with regards to sustainability, costs and quality.

Reducing the media
sector’s carbon footprint

By closing the transparency gap in video streaming, we help OTT providers reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Latest Articles

Energy consumption in content distribution

Energy consumption in content distribution

Carbon footprint awareness now extends to all aspects of our lives, media included. Early studies on the impact of streaming delivered hugely different outcomes, often orders of magnitude apart. Recent research is more consistent.

What is content steering?

What is content steering?

Imagine it’s the Olympics and millions of viewers are tuning in at the same time to watch the live stream. The most challenging scenario for content providers: The content has to be delivered fast, reliably and cost-effectively, while Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)...

Happy customers

Head of Streaming Operations for international broadcaster

“We used different analytics solutions but have been overwhelmed with just more data and dashboards. Just recently, EINBLIQ.IO has accurately and timely alerted us of an emerging issue.”

CTO of major European broadcaster

“Sustainability is a major concern for us. We are impressed by the level of details EINBLIQ.IO’s solution can provide on our energy use in distribution - data we can act upon.”

Media Researcher at regional broadcaster

"For our linear TV, there are a lot of myths about regional audience numbers for specific shows. We're now getting insights that we can't get from panel data alone.”

Business Development Manager for internal converged media company

"Ensuring excellent user experience at all times is an absolut must when competing in the highly competitive streaming market."